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Resort Yalta

Resort Yalta

The pearl of Crimea is the city of Yalta - the most popular mountain and sea resort in Ukraine, known not only in the territory of the entire former Soviet Union, but throughout the world. The warm Black Sea, the mild sub-Mediterranean climate of the southern coast of Crimea, the healing mountain air, many historical and natural attractions, beautiful mountain landscapes - all this is the prerequisite for the development of Yalta as a center of tourism and seaside recreation in Crimea. Yalta is located on the southern coast of Crimea, in close proximity to the Black Sea, between mountain ranges that cover Yalta from the cold northern air. Due to the proximity of the Black Sea, there is also no scorching heat in Yalta - the air is refreshed by sea breezes, it is saturated with healing sea salts. The holiday season in Yalta lasts from early June to mid-October, the velvet season is especially appreciated, when the sun is not so hot anymore, and the water in the Black Sea still retains summer heat.

Rest in Yalta on the Black Sea

The city of Yalta is located in the famous resort area of the southern coast of Crimea, which occupies about a hundred kilometers of the Black Sea coast. Around Yalta there are small resort towns and villages - Simeiz, Partenit, Livadia, Miskhor, Gurzuf and many others, the complex of which is also called Big Yalta, famous for its sights. In Big Yalta, there are Alupka, Massandra and Livadia Palaces, which are now museums, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Roman Catholic Church, the cable car to Mount Darsan in the Ai-Petri massif, the Museum of the Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking "Magarach" and much more. The picturesque mountain landscapes of Crimea, the evergreen forests of the Crimean Mountains, the exotic subtropical vegetation of Yalta, beautiful mountain waterfalls, unique monuments of architecture, nature and history, the healing climate of the southern coast of Crimea, the waters of the Black Sea - all this will not leave anyone indifferent and will fill you with unforgettable impressions of rest in Yalta.

Yalta on the Sea of Azov

Speaking of Yalta, it is impossible not to mention another Yalta, located on the coast of the Azov Sea. At first glance, these resorts have nothing in common - different seas, different climates. But the Black Sea and Azov resorts still have something in common - the Azov Yalta, like other settlements in this region, was founded by Greeks who previously lived on the southern coast of Crimea. Thus, two Yaltas appeared, Urzuf by analogy with Gurzuf, and many more settlements on the shores of the Azov Sea.