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Christmas Recipes

Christmas recipes

Christmas Dishes

Christmas is coming soon, and among other things, various Christmas recipes are being cooked for this holiday. These can be various Christmas dishes made from poultry, pork, lamb or beef, or there can be a variety of fish dishes. Among Christmas recipes, the first place is the Christmas turkey, instead of which goose, duck or chicken can be baked, while poultry is stuffed with various fillings. In the United States of America, there is even a tradition of preparing stuffing for the Christmas turkey as a separate dish without the turkey itself. In countries rich in fish and seafood, Christmas recipes based on them are preferred, but in most countries the main dishes for Christmas are still meat dishes. Separately, there are Christmas recipes that are used to prepare dishes for Christmas Eve in Eastern European countries. These are Lenten Christmas dishes that are eaten at the very end of the Nativity fast, so poultry and meat are not included in such Christmas recipes. In addition to meat and meatless dishes, a wide variety of pastries are cooked for Christmas - Christmas cookies, stollen, wafer rolls, Christmas pudding, a variety of gingerbread houses are made and Christmas punch and mulled wine are cooked.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is celebrated almost all over the world - although it is a major Christian holiday, many celebrate it along with the New Year, regardless of religious beliefs. Christmas is a family holiday; people decorate the Christmas tree, gather with their families, and give each other gifts. But this holiday is celebrated not only at home - mass festivities are organized for Christmas. In most countries, Christmas is celebrated on December 25, which ends the Advent fast, and a week later it is followed by New Year - a secular holiday, which is also usually celebrated with a New Year tree, gifts and noisy festivities. In some countries, Christmas is celebrated on January 7, this is due to the use of the Julian calendar by some parts of the Orthodox Church, but in this case, the celebration of the New Year falls in the midst of the Nativity Fast, during which such holidays are not supposed to be held. But this relates more to confusion over the use of different calendars than to the traditions of celebrating Christmas.