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Light Snacks - Canapes and Sandwiches

Recipes for canapés and sandwiches


Canape is a type of snack, mini sandwiches from various products. Canapes are cooked from white wheat or rye bread, it is better to take slightly stale bread. White wheat or rye bread is cut into slices of approximately 1 cm, the crust is cut off, and various small figures are cut out of the crumb in the form of diamonds, crescents, ovals, squares, stars, etc. Cut out figures from bread are fried on one or both sides in vegetable oil or lightly browned in the oven.

There is another option for cooking canapes, from puff or yeast dough. Figures are cut out of the dough, and then baked in the oven. Before laying out the products, the cooked canape must be greased with a thin layer of unsalted butter. If canapes are made from boiled meat, pate, liver sausage with cheese, crabs, in this case, the canapes are not oiled, but spread around in the form of a stroke.

Many products are used to decorate canapés. You can finely chop the parsley; it sticks very well to the edges of the canape. As a colored decoration or garnish, you can use boiled beets, red peppers, tomatoes. A very beautiful decoration comes out of finely chopped yolks and proteins. Olives cut across are also used for decoration, which are stuffed with mayonnaise.

Open Sandwiches

Open sandwiches are made from any bread, which is cut into slices from 0.5 to 1.5 cm thick and smeared with butter. If the butter is hard, then cut off a thin plate and spread on bread. Place a thin slice on the butter, the same size as bread, sausages, tongue, ham, roast beef. You can also put a slice of cheese, boiled sturgeon, salmon, beluga, salmon, salmon, or a layer of caviar, etc. Sandwiches can be made from salted fish (sprat, herring), laying it out with pieces of hard-boiled eggs. Sandwiches can also be made from pasta.


Sandwiches are small closed sandwiches. Sandwiches are usually served with tea as a light snack. Such sandwiches are prepared with various sausages, veal, fried meat, game, chicken, etc. You can also cook sandwiches with salmon, sturgeon, salmon, salmon, caviar, cheese, etc. Sandwiches are very convenient on the road.

Sandwiches are cooked from white wheat bread, cut into long strips 5 cm wide and 0.5 cm thick. Sliced bread is smeared with butter (for sandwiches with veal, tongue, meat), with grated cheese (for liver sausage), with mustard (for sausage, ham), with tomato paste or horseradish (for sturgeon). Also for cheese sandwiches, salmon, pressed caviar, salmon, bread is spread only with butter. After the bread is spread, thin slices of some product are laid over its entire length and width and covered with another strip of bread. Bread must be pressed with a knife or spatula in order to get a flat surface. Trim the sides of the sandwich (cut off), and then cut across into the size of a matchbox. Sandwiches are served on a plate covered with a napkin.