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Mexican Food Recipes

Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is a mixture of Native American recipes with food recipes from European cuisines, mainly Spanish cuisine. The unusual combination of cooking methods and products used makes Mexican cuisine unique and unlike the cuisines of other countries.

The hallmark of Mexican cuisine is, of course, hot chili peppers. In fact, many types of peppers are used in Mexican cuisine, varying in their spiciness - this gives Mexican dishes a certain piquancy. In addition to peppers, Mexican cuisine makes extensive use of various varieties of legumes and potatoes, seafood and various vegetables, meat from cattle and poultry. Traditionally, Mexican cuisine uses a large amount of spices.

Widely known Mexican cakes made from cornmeal are tortillas and tomales. These corn tortillas are used to prepare many Mexican dishes, and often, instead of utensils, they are wrapped with a filling of various products - from minced meat to vegetable mix. There are many recipes for Mexican dishes using corn tortillas - burritos, chalayles, chimichangas, quesadillas and many others, as well as tortilla soup.

Sauces are an essential part of Mexican cuisine. Mexican sauces such as salsa, guacamole, poblano and adobado are widely known. Do not forget about such an important merit of Mexican cuisine as cocoa. The cocoa recipe was brought to Europe by the Spaniards from Mexico. Also widely known throughout the world are traditional Mexican alcoholic drinks - tequila and mezcal.

Mexican cuisine is considered to be one of the most interesting national cuisines in the world. And in order to feel the taste of Mexican cuisine, you can try to cook something according to the recipes of Mexican dishes.