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Crimean Peninsula

Crimean Peninsula

Crimea, or the Crimean Peninsula, is located in the south of Ukraine. Crimea is washed by two seas - the Azov Sea and the Black Sea. Geographically, Crimea is located in the middle latitudes, the area of the peninsula is more than twenty thousand square kilometers, Crimea is distinguished by a variety of natural conditions, a bizarre combination of mountain ranges and plains, and its beautiful Black Sea coast. In the north of Crimea there is a huge network of lakes and estuaries, called Sivash Lake, which is separated from the Azov Sea by the Arabat Spit - a sandy spit more than a hundred kilometers long, a unique creation of nature. Plain Crimea is practically indistinguishable from the steppes of the adjacent territories of Ukraine. The southern coast of Crimea is separated from its flat part by the ridges of the Crimean Mountains. Three ridges of the Crimean Mountains are located on the territory from Feodosia to Sevastopol and have a length of more than one hundred and fifty kilometers. Two of these mountain ranges are much lower than the third and make up the foothills of the Crimea, and the main, highest ridge is a continuous barrier more than a kilometer high, separating the southern coast of Crimea. The highest point of the Crimean Mountains is Mount Roman-Kosh, more than one and a half kilometers high.

Climate and Resort Rest in Crimea

Thanks to the Crimean Mountains, a sub-Mediterranean climate reigns on the southern coast of Crimea - very close to subtropical in terms of air temperature, rainfall, sun, flora and fauna, similar to the Mediterranean. The territory located to the north of the Crimean Mountains has a temperate continental climate. In Crimea, summers are dry, sunny and very hot, moderated by short rains and the waters of the Black Sea. The holiday season on the southern coast of Crimea lasts from mid-May to the end of September. It is quiet and sunny in Crimea in autumn, but there are heavy rainfalls, winter is not too different from autumn, with the exception of mountainous regions - there is dry frosty weather, pure snow falls. In spring, Crimea is especially beautiful on the western coast and in the foothills, where at this time the Crimean vegetation begins to rapidly develop and bloom. The humidity of the Crimean air is negligible; in the Crimea it is always easy to breathe. The nature, sights and climate of Crimea make it a great place for recreation and tourism in Ukraine and the Black Sea.