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Jamaican pepper or allspice

Jamaican pepper or allspice is also called the "universal spice". This trend has been formed for a number of reasons. First, its aroma and taste are reminiscent of the following spices: mustard, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. Secondly, the use of Jamaican pepper is very popular in various culinary traditions and in various flavors, from fatty meat dishes to various types of pastries. In addition to its culinary niche, Jamaican pepper is popular in cosmetology and perfumery.

Allspice was first discovered by Columbus, and subsequently spread throughout Europe and Asia. By itself, Jamaican pepper is the dried fruit of pimentha officinalis. The fruits are harvested immature and then dried. This feature is due to the longer preservation of aromatic properties by fruits. While ripe berries lose all flavor within a few days. It is best to buy and store this type of pepper in whole peas and grind if necessary. If in the process of heat treatment, allspice peas are used whole, then they must be added before heat treatment.

Today, in cooking, allspice is used to flavor various types of meat, soups, and sausages. Meat and fish snacks containing black pepper are also not devoid of a delicate aroma. Sauces to which allspice is added acquire a piquant flavor. The use of this spice is relevant in various fish and meat marinades. Preserving vegetables such as cabbages, cucumbers, or mushrooms in a similar way benefits from the addition of allspice. Confectionery products, such as puddings and muffins, may also contain allspice to enhance flavor. In addition, allspice is part of the famous Indian curry seasoning.

The reasons why allspice should be added to food are not only an interesting taste and aroma, but also a beneficial effect on the body. Mainly, allspice is a good antiseptic - it protects the body from various microbes. According to doctors, Jamaican allspice normalizes the process of the intestines, eliminates diarrhea and constipation. Saturation with potassium - contributes to the improvement of brain activity. The essential oil contained in this spice helps a person feel cheerful and in a good mood. Allspice Jamaican pepper has no contraindications, as such. However, the abuse of allspice is not recommended, especially for people who have various stomach diseases.