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Egoza Wire

Egoza concertina barrier

Egoza Term

The word Egoza can refer to different things, but basically it refers to modern barbed wire and security barriers made of it. Although initially the word Egoza meant a restless child. How exactly the transformation of concepts took place, and the restless child turned into barbed wire, is not exactly known. But at the moment, Egoza is a well-known trademark, registered in many countries of the world and used to designate reinforced barbed tape and razor-cutting barriers. Moreover, this name is used to designate both the modern Egoza barbed wire and various types of Egoza barbed and cutting barriers.

Egoza Razor Wire

Egoza razor wire, or, in common parlance, Egoza wire, is a modern version of ordinary barbed wire. Egoza performs the same functions as ordinary barbed wire, but much better, in addition, Egoza is much stronger and more durable than barbed wire. Unlike barbed wire, Egoza razor wire is made of high-carbon steel wire, and the cross section of this wire can be much larger than that of the base of ordinary barbed wire. Another difference is that the wire spikes have been replaced with flat razor blades, which not only cling well to clothes and other objects, but also have the ability to inflict cut damage. In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that Egoza razor wire is made of both galvanized wire and zinc coated steel, and sometimes even stainless steel can be used as a material for Egoza.

Egoza Concertina Barrier

The Egoza concertina barrier is the most common security barrier made of Egoza razor wire. Such a fence is a spiral of Egoza razor wire, the coils of which are interconnected by clips. When installed, the Egoza concertina barrier stretches, forming a strong springy structure with diamond-shaped cells formed by a reinforced barbed tape connected with staples. This design of the fence was first used over a hundred years ago using ordinary barbed wire, and continues to be used successfully today, only barbed wire has given way to the Egoza razor wire. In most countries of the world, the Egoza barrier is called the Concertina term.

Other Egoza Barriers

In addition to the Egoza concertina barrier, there are many types of razor wire barriers. These are the Egoza flat barrier and the Egoza razor mesh, the Egoza pyramidal barrier and the Egoza mobile barrier, as well as many other types of barriers, including those that can be installed using motor vehicles. The design of security barriers is constantly being improved, and the range of Egoza barriers produced is constantly expanding.

How to buy Egoza?

You can buy an Egoza by finding a suitable supplier, preferably a manufacturer. The fact is that not all Egoza that can be bought is a quality product, some suppliers have higher quality, others lower quality, and still others have such a low quality that it will be impossible to operate such Egoza. In addition to many other factors, the price of Egoza can serve as an indicator of quality - in the production of this type of product, it is impossible to reduce the cost of its production without reducing the quality of raw materials. Therefore, oddly enough, the high price of Egoza can serve as a guarantee of its high quality, and vice versa.