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Egoza Barbed Wire Quality

Barbed wire quality

In order for Egoza barbed wire to reliably perform its functions and at the same time retain its properties throughout the entire service life, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements for the quality of barbed wire. To obtain high-quality barbed wire, the production technology must be strictly observed, all raw materials must comply with the necessary standards and norms.

All materials for the production of Egoza barbed wire must be galvanized to protect against corrosion. The protective zinc coating must not have defects caused by the imperfection of the equipment, otherwise corrosion will destroy the barbed wire quickly enough. Both wire and barbed tape, as well as staples for fastening the spiral fence, must be galvanized, otherwise the Egoza effective spiral security barrier will soon turn into a bundle of tangled barbed wire.

The steel tape, from which the barbed tape is made by stamping, must have sufficient thickness (at least 0.55 mm) so that the spikes cut and not bend when engaged. A very important influence on the quality of Egoza barbed wire is exerted by the parameters of the wire around which the barbed tape is pressed. The wire must be of sufficient diameter (at least 2.65 mm) and have a high carbon content to impart stiffness and spring properties - such requirements are met by spring or rope wire.

When making spiral barriers from Egoza barbed wire, the turns of the Bruno spiral must be fastened with a sufficient number of staples to avoid excessive stretching of the spiral safety barrier during installation. Staples should be made of galvanized wire or sheet steel of sufficient diameter or thickness to ensure structural integrity under heavy loads.

If the technology is followed, reliable and high-quality Egoza barbed wire is obtained, which will effectively serve and retain its protective properties for a long time - for a modern reinforced barbed tape, this period is at least 25 years.