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Concertina Wire

Concertina Barrier


Concertina is the most common type of security barrier made of modern barbed wire, more precisely, razor wire. Concertina is an accordion made of coils of razor wire, which is installed on fences to prevent intruders from entering the fenced area. The concertina got its name due to its appearance - the coils of barbed wire are very reminiscent of the musical instrument of the same name. This name has taken root so well that in most countries of the world all types of security barriers are called concertina, regardless of whether barbed wire or razor wire is used in this barrier. But in the Russian-speaking and Ukrainian segment, the concertina is called a egoza spiral barrier.

Concertina and Single Coil Barrier

The concertina is a spiral of modern barbed wire, the coils of which are connected in pairs in a checkerboard pattern. But there is another type of razor wire barrier in which the turns are not connected by anything. This option is just a really spiral barrier or single coil razor wire, and not the concertina. The confusion is caused by the fact that people tend to give things a name that does not personify their essence. The same fate befell the single coil razor wire barriers - the spiral is not called at all and is rarely used, and the concertina has become a spiral, although it resembles it very vaguely. It would be more correct to use the term concertina, but for this it is necessary to overcome the stereotypical thinking.

Concertina and Egoza

Although the term concertina has not caught on very well as a term for barbed wire, it is still used. But another term prevails, moreover, it is a trademark registered in dozens of countries of the world - Egoza. That product, which in most countries of the world is called concertina, is designated in Russian and Ukrainian as Egoza spiral barrier or Egoza spiral barrier. Given the wide popularity of the Egoza trademark, this name has become much more widespread than concertina.

Where Can I Buy Concertina?

You can buy concertina from many suppliers, but before you make a choice, you need to understand who is in front of you - a manufacturer or a speculator. Taking into account the peculiarities of the concertina barriers, the cost of materials plays a significant role in its price, for this reason it is impossible for the seller to compete with the manufacturer by offering a lower price for concertina of the same quality as the manufacturer. If the price of the concertina from the one who resells it is lower than the price of the manufacturer, you should pay attention to the quality of the products, perhaps the price has become lower due to the low quality of the goods. For this reason, before buying concertina, it is better to study the entire market for such products and make an informed choice.