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Maintenance of Time Tracking Systems

Maintenance of the Time Tracking System

Time Tracking

Time tracking is an important indicator for any enterprise. Due to the fact that large cities host a large number of enterprises that employ many employees, it is essential to control their use of working time. Accounting for working hours, although it provides a purely control function, and not security, maintenance and installation of working time control systems is carried out by companies that provide the operation and installation of other security systems. The time tracking system is not expressed in physical media, it is mainly integrated into other control and security systems. Accordingly, the maintenance of this system is not carried out in combination with the maintenance of other systems in the context of security. In any case, maintenance of the time tracking system should be carried out by a competent person - an engineer. The presence of knowledge in the field of programming is also mandatory for an employee of a security company. The presence of knowledge in the field of programming is an indicator of an employee's competence, but in a larger sense, a necessity.

Maintenance of the Time Tracking System

Maintenance of the time tracking system takes place in accordance with the system into which this system is integrated. For example, if visual control over working hours is required, a video surveillance system will be used. Maintaining video surveillance systems ultimately involves obtaining and fixing a high-quality image. To obtain this condition, it is necessary that the video surveillance system goes through all stages of maintenance. For the most part, the CCTV system must be dust-free. The signal broadcast by the video camera system must reach the monitor or controller without hindrance. The entire system must receive an adequate level of power from batteries or the mains. A company engineer who performs maintenance of video surveillance systems should check the battery level. In the case of an electrical power supply to the system, the channels through which the electricity passes must be provided with the necessary resistance to the existing voltage. It is convenient to use a video surveillance system for direct control over the process of work of employees of enterprises.

Integration of Time Tracking with Access Control Systems

Simultaneously with the video surveillance system, many companies can monitor employees using the access control system. Maintaining an access control system is an extremely complex process. Mainly for the accounting of working hours there should be a fixed base of employees. The storage of such information today is carried out on a computer. The work with such information is performed by the programmer involved in system maintenance. An individual employee in this case must be provided with a personal identifier. Otherwise, the adjustment of the work time recording system is carried out by an engineer who has the necessary licenses to carry out such work. Accounting for working time with the help of ACS is carried out exclusively at the entrance and exit of the enterprise. The use of ACS is convenient for fixing lateness and earlier leaving the workplace by an employee.

Integration of Time Tracking into LAN

The development of technology requires the introduction of computers in all spheres of life. The system of control and accounting of working time is no exception. To exercise the tightest control, some enterprises resort to drastic measures. Such measures can be the installation of special software on employees' computers. In this case, it becomes possible to receive screenshots of screens, prohibit access to certain sites. Maintaining such a branch of the system requires a competent programmer. If the software is not properly maintained, the time management system can disrupt the work of employees' computers. In addition, a programmer who maintains such a rigid system must coordinate his actions with the law. The use by an employee of a work computer for the purpose of personal correspondence is a violation of labor discipline. On the other hand, a programmer who establishes such a strict control system must be aware that fixing personal correspondence in a screenshot is a criminal offense.

Comprehensive Service for Time Tracking Systems

Maintenance of work time monitoring systems is a heterogeneous, extensive phenomenon. The working time control system itself is rather included in other monitoring and control systems than it is represented by an independent branch among control and security systems. Maintenance of such systems should involve a lot of technical knowledge from the engineer and programmer. Modern developments that provide control over working time by monitoring the personal computers of employees should be coordinated with the law in the first place.