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Beer Snack Recipes

Snacks for beer


Sandwiches are the simplest option for a beer snack - they are cooked quickly, eaten simply and conveniently, and the variety of ingredients for sandwiches practically does not limit their range. The classic English sandwich is two slices of fresh bread spread with butter, between which are fresh cucumbers. But sandwiches made on the basis of lightly toasted bread with the addition of salted fish, seafood, salami, prosciutto, jamon and other products with a pronounced taste are better suited as a snack for beer.

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers

Hot dogs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers are widely known around the world as a classic example of street food or fast food. But at the same time, any hot dog, hamburger or cheeseburger is also a good beer snack. In order to cook a hot dog or a hamburger, no special culinary skills are required; everyone can cook them at home from simple products that can be bought at any store or supermarket. By changing the ingredients of these dishes, you can cook a beer snack for every taste - with hot sauce, with various spices, with or without mustard, using various types of meat and sausages, adding herbs and other ingredients. The variety of such beer snacks as hot dogs, cheeseburgers or hamburgers is limited only by the beer lover's imagination and the available ingredients of this dish.


Shawarma is one of the options for street food or fast food and is poultry or domestic animals baked on a special vertical grill oven, cut into small pieces, wrapped in a thin flatbread made of wheat flour - pita bread or thin bread. In addition to fried meat, shawarma includes sauces of various compositions, finely chopped vegetables and various spices. Due to the fact that all the ingredients of shawarma are wrapped in thin bread, it is much more convenient to use it as a snack for beer, and in terms of the ratio of bread and meat, shawarma significantly outperforms hot dogs and hamburgers, there is much more meat in shawarma.

Chicken Wings

Speaking of various snacks for beer, one cannot but recall such a wonderful dish as baked chicken wings. There are thousands of recipes for chicken wings around the world, widely known as buffalo wings, and less popular ones, such as Korean crispy wings. Absolutely all recipes for chicken wings allow you to cook one of the best snacks for beer, without making too much effort to get this unique dish in many respects that will not leave anyone indifferent, especially beer lovers.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a very tasty dish, and it is also great as a beer snack. For the beer festival Oktoberfest, which takes place annually in Munich, one of the traditional dishes is half a chicken cooked on the grill. And arguing with the inhabitants of Bavaria about whether or not grilled chicken is suitable for beer does not make sense - the Bavarians definitely know a lot about the merits of beer and snacks for it.

Barbecue Ribs

Barbecued pork or lamb ribs are a delicious meal in and of themselves, but as an appetizer for beer, they exceed all expectations. Meat cooked on an open fire has always been distinguished by excellent taste, and meat on the ribs is generally considered a delicacy, which is very popular not only among beer lovers. Nevertheless, barbecue lamb or pork ribs can rightly be considered an excellent snack for any kind of beer.

Baked Pork Knuckle

Pork knuckle is cooked in many countries of the world, but in Bavaria it is especially warmly treated. Apparently, therefore, baked pork knuckle is one of the traditional dishes for the Oktoberfest beer festival, which is cooked for this event along with chicken halves, pretzels and other traditional Bavarian dishes. Traditionally, baked pork knuckle is served with beer, garnished with sauerkraut and mashed green peas. At first it seems that the baked pork knuckle is too hearty for beer, but in reality it goes very well with beer as an appetizer.

Fish and Chips

Speaking of snacks for beer, it is worth remembering the traditional British dish, whose name is known all over the world - fish and chips. This simple but delicious dish of British cuisine is deep-fried fish in beer batter, served with french fries sprinkled with salt and spices as a side dish. Traditionally, this dish was served in a bag rolled up from a regular newspaper, so fish and chips are another street food option and a great snack for any beer.