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Security Systems Maintenance

Maintenance of Security Systems

Maintenance of Security Systems

Many enterprises, industrial complexes and just small firms are concentrated in large settlements. The security of data and property of enterprises is an important indicator of the success of their work and development prospects. The quality of work of security systems depends not only on the quality of equipment, the level of installation or the complexity of the project. Checking security equipment, as well as its post-warranty service, is an indispensable factor in preventing malfunctions and their consequences.

A variety of systems, high-quality equipment and much more wear out during long-term operation. The reasons for a breakdown can be completely different, such as mechanical wear of the wiring or dusting of the sensor, or deliberate damage to the security system. In turn, an accidental malfunction, failure of a sensor or camera, can leave a critical situation without attention and control. It will be impossible to carry out further examination of the incident in this case.

In cases where the security of the protected object is at a sufficiently high level, the installation of security systems and communications, as well as their inspection, is carried out by the same company. Control of security systems - routine maintenance. In some cases, routine maintenance is performed at the request of the client, however, routine maintenance is provided for by law for some types of security systems. For example, fire alarms - installation and testing is a prerequisite for various commercial firms.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarm maintenance is perhaps the most important set of activities, unlike all the others. The losses that are possible from a malfunction of a fire alarm system can significantly exceed the savings. For many companies, in order to check the serviceability of a fire alarm, it is enough to conclude a contract with the company that performed the installation. A representative of the installer's firm will visit the facility where the fire alarm is located, checking all parts of the system for malfunction or such prerequisites. In the event that the representative of the installation company approached the matter irresponsibly, it is possible to conclude an agreement on maintenance work with another organization that has a license to conduct an inspection. The competence of the person who conducts the inspection of the signaling can be determined by how much he is informed about the features of the signaling design. For such cases, the customer himself needs to know the design features of the signaling in the conditions of a particular object. The report of the authorized person must describe all stages of the inspection of the fire system.

Maintenance of Video Surveillance Systems

Compared to a fire alarm, a video surveillance system is less demanding on various types of maintenance. However, the video surveillance system is also affected by dust, moisture, overheating and cold. The video surveillance system must also go through a certain stage of changing or adjusting, focusing cameras. It is necessary to clean the video surveillance system from dust daily. This fact affects not only the safety of the system, but also the prestige of any company in which this system is located.

Maintenance of the Access Control System

Maintenance of the access control system is an offer that is also relevant for various enterprises. The actions performed by the ACS maintenance company must be regulated. During the maintenance of the access control system, it may be necessary to change passwords, access conditions, and identifiers. This kind of knowledge should be held by a closed group of people. The ACS check is carried out in three stages. The first stage involves checking the normal functioning of the readers and the opening of the doors. The next stage involves the inspection of various connections, cleaning from dirt and rust. The third stage of the ACS check includes the creation of a detailed report on the operations performed.

Features of Maintenance of Security Systems

You can contact service companies to control the ACS during the warranty period. At the end of the warranty period, inspection of the system, as well as its service, is carried out by special companies. As a rule, it is performed once a month, during this period they also check the serviceability of all equipment, the correct operation of the software, and reprogramming of personal keys. There are a lot of different companies that offer their services in terms of maintenance of security systems. At the same time, not all firms have the proper level of understanding of the matter. On the other hand, understanding the principles of operation of security systems, all the subtleties of their work in a particular facility is an indicator of the owner's level of interest in preserving the company's property and its security in general. With the development of the technological process, an increasing number of security systems are connected to a computer and have their own software. Such a factor requires the owner to have advanced knowledge in the field of programming or the presence of an employee who could be trusted.