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Barbed Wire Installation

Mounting Egoza

Mounting Egoza

The installation of Egoza and Concertina barbed wire, as well as the quality of its manufacture, determines the effectiveness of its use for the protection of objects and its service life. A lot depends on the quality of installation of barbed wire and spiral barriers, including the safety of installers during the work and the barriers surrounding them during further operation.

Self-Installation of Egoza Barbed Wire

If the installation of Egoza or Concertina barbed wire is performed by non-professionals, the risk of injury during installation work increases significantly. Barbed wire, more precisely, the razor wire of Concertina and Egoza, is a dangerous product that can cause serious damage, so work with it must be approached with all seriousness. In addition, Egoza and Concertina barbed wire spiral barriers, installed without observing the necessary measures to ensure reliability and safety, can cause harm not only to potential violators, but also to employees of the protected facility or ordinary passers-by, and this may entail liability of the owner of the barrier before the law.

The Concertina and Egoza razor wire fence installed independently does not work as efficiently as it should be - it is difficult for a non-professional to foresee all the subtleties of installing fences, to take into account the features of the fenced object and the surrounding area. In addition, non-specialists usually make mistakes with the required amount of Egoza and Concertina barbed wire - it is either not enough, and then the spiral has to be stretched more than it was designed, which significantly reduces its effectiveness, or excess barbed wire remains that could be and don't buy.

Professional Installation of Barbed Wire

Barbed wire installation is best left to professionals. By ordering the installation of razor wire and barbed wire fences from professionals, you will save yourself from many problems both now and in the future, you will not waste time and money, and also provide your facilities with maximum protection. Qualified specialists, having previously surveyed the area where the Egoza or Concertina barbed wire fence will be installed, will design the construction of the fence especially for you, and professional installers, having extensive experience working with barbed wire, will quickly and efficiently install Egoza and Concertina from it at your facility.