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Such Different Alligators

Such Different Alligators

The word Alligator refers to many goods and services, plant varieties and chemicals, security barriers and car alarms, apparently emphasizing the aggressiveness and strength of the alligator.

Alligator - a Member of the Crocodilia Order

Alligator from Spanish is translated quite trivially - a lizard. But it's a very big lizard! The genus of alligators includes two species - the American and the Chinese alligator. Compared to real crocodiles, alligators have higher eyes, and when their mouths are closed, only the upper teeth are visible. In the dark, alligators give out eyes that shine green in young individuals and red in large alligators. American alligators are quite large, the largest alligator was about 6 meters long and weighed about a ton - a good lizard. Chinese alligators usually grow up to 2 meters, in rare cases - a little more.

Car Alarm Alligator

Car alarms under the Alligator trademark have been produced since 1999 and immediately established themselves as a product that is balanced in terms of price, functions and quality. Car alarm Alligator can be installed on any car model. Due to its high efficiency and reasonable price, Alligator alarms are very popular among car enthusiasts.

Saw Alligator

There is a class of saws called alligators. With an outward resemblance to a conventional saw for wood, an alligator saw differs significantly from it, for starters, in that it has a drive. But this is not a reciprocating saw either - unlike reciprocating saws, alligator saws are equipped with not one, but two blades with sharp teeth that move in the opposite direction to each other. This design provides a more accurate cut, the quality of which is not affected by the heating of the alligator saw, such a saw has no restrictions on the thickness of the material being cut, there are no vibrations during operation of the saw, and there is no kickback in case of jamming of the blades. The use of alligator saws is most effective when working with porous materials, when processing wood and wooden structures, as well as when cutting insulation boards from expanded polystyrene, mineral wool and other similar materials.

Alligator Security Barriers

Under the brand name Alligator, a wide range of barbed wire and security barriers is produced. Modern barbed wire, or razor wire, as well as razor wire barriers produced under the brand name Alligator, are distinguished by high efficiency, reliability and long service life even in difficult meteorological conditions. Under the Alligator trademark, concertina wire, flat, mobile, pyramidal, mobile barriers are produced.

Boots Tactical Alligator Coyote

The Alligator Coyote Tactical Boots are ideal for both military and outdoor use. The boots have a reinforced heel and toe cap, which ensures their long-term use in difficult conditions. The Alligator Coyote boots are equipped with quick lacing loops that allow you to quickly put on and take off these shoes. The sole of the boot is fastened with a modern method of direct tide, and the waterproofness is ensured by the presence of a breathable membrane. Boots Alligator Coyote have the optimal height of the berets, comfortable both when walking and when shooting from the knee. Boots do not pinch the leg in any position and do not disturb blood circulation, which is very important for both the military and tourists.

Helicopter Ka-52 Alligator

The Soviet-Russian Ka-52 Alligator helicopter, which has been developed since the 1980s and only became a serial model almost thirty years later, is positioned by the manufacturer as an ultra-modern helicopter that has no analogues in the world. The Ka-52 Alligator is a two-seat helicopter with a carrying capacity of 2.8 tons, a crew of 2 people and can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h.

Rod FR Alligator

Not without alligators and fishing, this time in a good way. There is the FR Alligator, which is a versatile rod designed for all types of fishing. The handle of the Alligator rod is made of EVA material, the rod is equipped with guides with Sic inserts. The Alligator rod does an excellent job of catching fish on a board feeder.

Household Waste Disposer Alligator

The Alligator household waste shredder is an indispensable device that is designed to be installed on a modern car wash and can significantly reduce the amount of household waste that is sent to a landfill. The Alligator Shredder attaches to any type of modern sink that has an appropriate drain hole diameter and allows you to shred and dispose of most organic waste using the sewer instead of a trash can. The Alligator Chopper has effective noise isolation and is very quiet, while the amount of food waste going to the bin is greatly reduced.

Dill Alligator

Dill Alligator is a hybrid variety of medium and late planting, providing high yields in a short time. Bush dill ripens in 42-45 days, has large leaves and long thick petioles of a bluish-green color. Dill Alligator is collected either in 2-3 leaves, or in a completely rosette. The yield of Alligator dill is about 10 tons per hectare.