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Moonshine Still

Home moonshine still

What is a Home Moonshine Still for?

A moonshine still allows you to make high-quality moonshine from various raw materials and be independent from industrial producers of liquors. And the point is not even that home-made moonshine is cheaper than the same vodka or whiskey from a supermarket, made in an industrial setting. The main problem with store-bought spirits, especially inexpensive ones, is that it is never known exactly what they were made of. The use of cheap alcohol of dubious origin in the alcoholic drinks industry does not in any way add health to alcohol consumers, and the likelihood of poisoning with a counterfeit based on methyl alcohol does not at all improve the situation. A home-made moonshine is needed just in order to minimize the risk of poisoning with industrial alcoholic beverages and always have moonshine at home from proven raw materials.

Which Moonshine Still to Buy for the Home?

It all depends on the goals that you set for yourself, and the conditions in which the home moonshine still will be used. If you plan to drive moonshine in rural conditions with poor electrical wiring and water interruptions, it is better to pay attention to the classic models of moonshine still, which can be heated with fire and driven without a water supply system with pressurized water. If moonshine will be made in a city apartment or if there are no problems with water and electricity, you can buy a moonshine still of any design you like.

It can be added that modern moonshine stills with vertical columns and powerful condensers compare favorably with the classic ones, both in terms of the productivity of the moonshine and its quality. In any case, what kind of moonshine still to buy for your home is up to you. A good selection of moonshine stills of various designs is presented on the website which is a leading manufacturer of moonshine stills and other similar equipment in Ukraine.

What Design Are Moonshine Stills – Classic and Modern

Moonshine stills for distilling moonshine at home can have a different design. There are classic moonshine stills with large and small coils for cooling moonshine, capable of operating both in the presence of running water and in conditions when there is only water from a well or similar source. A classic moonshine still can be equipped with a dry steamer or dry steamers, which make it possible to get rid of some of the harmful and unpleasant impurities when distilling moonshine at home.

Or the moonshine still can have a modern design – it can be a mash column with a counter-current or shell-and-tube condenser and a parrot with a hydrometer to control the strength of the resulting moonshine. The design of a modern moonshine still can also include a dephlegmator to obtain a stronger moonshine, as well as a gin basket, which makes it possible to flavor moonshine right in the process of distillation. There are moonshine stills designed to work on an open fire, while others use electric heating. Regardless of what design the moonshine still has, it can perfectly cope with its task – getting high-quality moonshine at home.