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Security Systems

Modern security system

In large cities, various branches of business, both small and large, are concentrated. Before the owner of an object of any scale, sooner or later, the task arises - the safety of this object. An alternative solution is security systems. Technological progress today is developing at a frantic pace. Thus, security systems over the past decade are presented as extremely technological electrical devices. The bulk of modern security systems are maintained by a computer and additional software. As for those who install and configure security systems, their level of qualification should include the skills of a programmer and engineer.

The presence of security systems requires the maintenance of appropriate discipline. The bulk of existing security systems must comply with the requirements of the law. Particular attention should be paid to rooms in which there are many people. The expression of that very discipline can be both in the conduct of briefing among employees, and in the requirements that are provided for by law. As for the briefing, it is carried out by a competent person from the company that is engaged in the installation. Regarding the requirements from the side of the law, here is a very delicate process and consideration of this kind of subtleties is relevant on the example of each individual security system.

The implementation of the necessary security system begins with a call from an employee of the relevant company. so-called. the appraiser performs a visual inspection of the object, draws appropriate analytical conclusions, and offers the first design solutions. The end result of analytical work in the field of security systems is a project. Based on the existing project, installation is in progress. At the installation stage, the appropriate equipment is placed, communications are connected, and software is configured. The result of the general process of installing a security system is the preparation of estimates, briefing among users of the facility, delivery of work to the customer.

Upon completion of the installation on the existing system, certain types of work are carried out. An existing security system can be such only if all its individual parts work properly, in accordance with the requirements. To ensure this condition, preventive, warranty and post-warranty maintenance, modernization is carried out. Warranty service is provided by the installer, less often by the equipment supplier. The essence of warranty service of security systems is to replace faulty parts of the system - in the event that these same parts were initially defective. Preventive maintenance consists in carrying out a routine inspection of the system over a short period of time.

With regard to modernization, its purpose is the continuous improvement of various elements of the security system or the system as a whole. The development of technology in the modern world is very fast. The introduction of the latest technological developments in the design of the security system can greatly enhance the quality of security. An additional condition for modernization is the integration of one security system into another.

An example of proper modernization is the emergence of a new security system for recording and controlling the working time of employees. This system is based on several security systems at once. When exiting or entering secure facilities, access to which is limited, an ACS security system is installed. The access control and management system, thanks to modernization, provides not only access or refusal of access to the facility, but also control. In this case, a record is kept of the arrival of employees in case of being late, as well as in the case of an earlier employee leaving the workplace.

Another, no less important, and no less successful, example of upgrading a security system is an access control system together with a video surveillance system. In this case, the cameras are set to recognize faces, and in some cases, license plates. Information about the received data is transmitted to the video system controller. In cases where the security video surveillance system is modernized, in accordance with the latest developments, information can be transmitted wirelessly.
As for a single ACS, the more outdated model of this security system for the implementation of the function of skipping various types of physical identifiers - keys, passwords, cards. Today, ACS recognizes individual biological data, such as fingerprints or retinas.

An example of a successful wireless upgrade can also be seen in alarms. In such cases, information about the danger that has arisen is transmitted from sensors to the final destination using WI-FI or Bluetooth technology. In cases where the security system does not have a wired connection, the price of the security system is reduced due to the absence of the need for cable installation. Otherwise, the principle of operation of any alarm provides for the presence of certain sensors that are connected to the controller. Sensors are sensitive elements of any alarm system. The most common types of sensors are sensors that respond to room temperature or door openings. Modern developments make it possible to upgrade the security system in such a way that it will perceive movement, infrared radiation.

Security systems do their bit to limit the freedom of action of people. For a large metropolis, this factor is especially necessary. It is important for the customer, as well as the installer, to measure the actions of security systems with existing legislation. For example, the presence of a fire alarm is a necessary condition for many enterprises. In another case, if the property of an enterprise or a residential building is insured - the requirement of the insurance company, as well as the presence of a fire alarm. As for other security systems, the requirements for them are less biased. The ACS has limitations only in terms of fire safety - in the event of a fire, the passages that are blocked by the ACS must have an emergency opening option. Close to the ACS, the time tracking system should not affect the personal data of employees.

The development of security systems has reached a high level today. The introduction of various security systems has become possible, both in private residential buildings and large-scale enterprises. The development of the security industry has become so extensive that it has given rise to a whole niche of conditions that are related to legislation. The introduction of security systems that have the latest technological developments is a condition for security. At the same time, carrying out timely service is an equally significant safety condition.